The purpose of PrInt is to encourage the implementation and consolidation of strategic internationalization plans by participating institutions in areas of knowledge selected by the University as priorities and organized in thematic lines. The main actions foreseen in the program are:

- Encourage the formation of international research networks to improve the quality of academic production linked to graduate studies;

- Expand actions to support internationalization in graduate studies;

- Promote the mobility of PhD students, post-doc students and professors abroad and abroad to Brazil;

- Foster the transformation of participating institutions in an international environment;

- Integrate other Capes promotion actions to the internationalization effort.


As part of Unicamp's institutional proposal, the Graduate Program in Nursing had the following project selected within the Health Area "Chronic, emerging and neglected diseases":


Health promotion and rehabilitation in chronic diseases: from basic research to knowledge translation

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School of Nursing Members
Eliana Pereira de Araújo (Coordenadora)
Ana Márcia Chiaradia Mendes Castillo
Ana Railka de Souza Oliveira Kumakura
Ariane Polidoro Dini
Erika Christiane Marocco Duran 
Edinêis de Brito Guirardello
Luciana de Lione Melo
Maira Deguer Misko
Maria Cecília Bueno Jayme Gallani
Maria Helena Baena de Moraes Lopes
Maria Helena de Melo Lima
Maria Inês Monteiro
Marília Estevam Cornélio
Roberta Cunha Matheus Rodrigues
Thaís Moreira São João
International Members
Clemence Dellaire - Université Laval 1
Daniel Kelly - Cardiff University 2
Diane Tapp - Université Laval 1
Frédéric Douville - Université Laval 1
Gary Adams - University of Nottingham 3
Jean-François Giguère - Université Laval 1
Jeannie P. Cimiotti - Emory University 3
Judith Lapierre - Université Laval 1
Katherine Brown - University of Hertfordshire 3
Louise Bujold - Université Laval 1
Martie Van Tongeren - University of Manchester 3
Marie-Soleil-Hardy - Université Laval 1
Melissa Marie Jarvill - Illinois State University 3
Nadine Tremblay - Université Laval 1
Nancy Jean Moules - University of Calgary 1
Nicolas Vonarx - Université Laval 1
Sue Moorhead - The University of Iowa 3
Willian Hugold Velander - University of Nebraska 3


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