Student Mobility

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Doctoral Sandwich Program Abroad (PDSE)  1

Among the focuses of the program are the expansion of collaboration and joint publications between researchers working in Brazil and abroad and assistance in the internationalization process for HEIs. The duration of each scholarship varies between six months and one year. The selection process will be done entirely by the HEIs.                

Scholarships abroad (CNPQ) 3

CNPq offers various types of training scholarships and encourages research, to high school students, undergraduate, graduate students, recent doctors and researchers already experienced in the country and abroad. The scholarships are awarded directly by CNPq or by educational and research institutions to which CNPq allocates scholarship quotas.

Scholarships abroad (Santander) 2

The program invests in students and professors from universities from all over Brazil to improve their knowledge of the international language and culture, deepening their research by contacting partners from abroad.


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