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In recent years, the School of Nursing has made significant progress in international cooperation, through exchanges with institutions from South America (Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile), North America (USA, Canada), Central America (Haiti), Europe (Portugal, Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom) and Africa (Guinea Bissau).

The goals of the School are to consolidate ongoing agreements, establish new agreements, expand student exchange through the increase of student support for exchange opportunities, and to pursue collaborations on research.

Activities: Active participation in undergraduate theoretical courses and clinical practice, development of collaborative papers and research.


1. Increasing domain of foreign languages;

2. Learning of the culture of countries abroad;

3. Contribution to personal and professional maturity;

4. Opportunity to work overseas.

The Nursing Graduate Program (PPG-Enf) is strongly involved in expanding training and qualification frontiers, through cooperation and solidarity with higher education institutions (HEIs) from abroad. To date, the School of Nursing - FEnf has partnered with Universities from North America (USA, Canada) and Europe (UK, Finland, Portugal, Spain). Sandwich doctorates, post-doctoral internships, PPG-Enf students' exchanges, agreements and academic production have been carried out in partnership with foreign researchers.

In 2015, the first agreement of the School of Nursing was celebrated, with the Faculty of Sciences Infirmières, Université Laval, Québec, Canada. Among the proposals for cooperation between both universities are the mobility of faculty, students, and staff, partnerships in research projects, and the offering of bilingual courses.

Some of the goals for the Graduate Program include: to sign an agreement with the Mennonite College of Nursing, Illinois State University, USA; to  welcome foreign faculty to the School of Nursing  as visiting scholars; to maintain the interchange of students, both sending and welcoming graduate students;  to increase the dissemination of research produced through collaboration between researchers from abroad.

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